Monday, February 27, 2012

WVWA Urges Public Comment to TWDB to Support Spring Flows and Local Economy

On March 1st the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) takes final action on the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) appeal of the adopted Groundwater Management Area 9 (GMA-9) Desired Future Condition (DFC) for our Trinity Aquifer. The TWDB Staff has recommended that the Board find the 30 ft average drawdown DFC is "reasonable" and shifts the "reasonableness of the DFC"  to the local groundwater districts in the way they manage the aquifer. WVWA believes Jacobs Well, Cypress Creek, and Blue Hole will dry up from the increased pumping that will be allowed under this DFC.

At the public hearing on the WVWA appeal last November in Wimberley, part of GMA-9 testimony suggested mitigating current and future demand in the Jacobs Well area through the development and implementation of district rules specific to the area that recharges Jacob's Well spring. WVWA agrees that a special groundwater management district is necessary and is asking the TWDB to pass a motion recommending that GMA-9 and Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District develop a Specific Groundwater Management Area (SGMA) for Jacobs Well with a DFC tied to spring flows for monitoring and management at the March 1, 2012 meeting.               

Cypress Creek Sep. 2011
While the WVWA continues to urge a reconsideration of the 30ft aquifer decline as unreasonable for all of Texas Hill Country area in GMA-9, the WVWA and local elected officials strongly urge the creation of the Jacobs Well Specific Groundwater Management Area as a minimal but necessary action in order to protect our local economy and property values. WVWA is also requesting technical and financial assistance from the TWDB to help develop the SGMA. This will not only protect Jacob's Well, Blue Hole, and Cypress Creek, but will provide transferable spring management practices to other areas in GMA-9 and the state.

We need your help. The TWDB meeting will be held at 9 am on Thursday, March 1st in the Stephen F. Austin Building, 1700 N. Congress Avenue, Room 170 in Austin, Texas. Residents are encouraged to attend the hearing to offer their support for protecting springflows in the Wimberley Valley. Public comments will be allowed following the WVWA presentation. Emails can be sent to the board directly at Letters should be addressed to the Texas Water Development Board, Melanie Callahan, Executive Administrator at P.O. Box 13231, Austin Texas 78711-3231. Please ask Melanie to distribute your letter to the individual board members before the meeting for their preparation and consideration. 

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