Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Call To Well Owners in the Wimberley Area

Call to Well Owners Interested in Groundwater Science,
An ad hoc group of local scientist needs your help in identifying water wells to obtain
groundwater level measurements in the Trinity Aquifer. The group is studying the 
hydrogeology of the gain and loss reaches of the Blanco River and possible ties
to flow from Jacob’s Well and in Cypress Creek. The study is an extension the 2010 
Hydrogeologic Atlas ofthe Hill Country Trinity Aquifer project and is intended to provide more 
data on the sustainability of the Trinity Aquifer. 
One critical part of the study is defining groundwater flow directions in the Trinity Aquifer
and the relationship to flow in the Blanco River. We need to measure water levels in as many 
wells as possible. We are identifying well owners that would allow us to measure the water level 
in their well on a one time basis during the end of February or March. 
The general area of interest is areas along or in the vicinity of FM 2325, Fischer Store Road, 
Wayside Drive Burnett Ranch Road, River Bluff Lane, John Knox Road and Days End Road 
and Cottonwood Lane.
If you are a well owner and would be willing to have your water level measured, please contact 
Doug Wierman at dawierman@aol.com.
Thanks you in advance for your help!

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