Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In the Flow Vol: 1 Issue: 6

A Water News Bulletin from the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment and The Texas Tribune.

Welcome to In the Flow, a water news wrap-up and analysis prepared every other week by The Texas Tribune and the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University. We bring you the latest news and events concerning the river systems of Texas and important water issues on a state and regional level.

In the Flow Vol: 1 Issue: 6:
Court Ruling Could Lead to Shakeup of Water Plan
Just as Gov. Rick Perry and lawmakers finalize plans to spend $2 billion on water-supply projects around the state, a court decision could force Texas to rethink its water-planning process.
Perry Hails Water Bill, is Evasive on His Future
Gov. Rick Perry signed a major water infrastructure bill into law on May 28. Speaking to reporters afterward, he remained coy about his political future and wouldn't say if he will add any items to the special session agenda.
This Session, Legislators Went Easy on LCRA
The Lower Colorado River Authority came out of the legislative session a winner after legislators failed to pass a measure that would have limited its water-planning flexibility, writes Asher Price of the Austin American-Statesman.
Study: Desalination and Water Transfer Use More Energy
According to a new study, the use of desalination of seawater or brackish water, combined with long-haul transfer, would be a considerably more energy-intensive solution for supplying drinking water than conventional treatment.
TCEQ Says LCRA's Water Plan Should Take Drought Into Account
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has notified the Lower Colorado River Authority that it plans to study the LCRA's water plan before advancing it for a vote.
Los Angeles River Opens to Boaters
In some good news for urban kayakers, a section of the Los Angeles River has opened to public recreation for the first time in 80 years. 
Fort Worth Floats Idea of Privatizing Water Services
by Maurice Chammah
The city of Fort Worth has appointed a task force to see whether the city might save money by putting some of its water services in public-private partnerships. Experts say a number of issues could arise if such partnerships are instituted.  
Data App: Track Texas Reservoir Levels
by and
Texas endured the worst drought in recorded state history in 2011, and it has yet to bounce back. Using data from the Texas Water Development Board's reservoir status tracker, our auto-updating map visualizes the current state of Texas reservoirs.
Event: Texas Water Conservation Midyear Conference
The Texas Water Conservation Midyear Conference will be held in Galveston this month. Water experts from around the state will address issues like drought contingency planning and the state water plan. 
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