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Neighbor to Neighbor News July 9, 2013

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July 9, 2013
Hill Country News
A Sustainable Water Plan for Texas
As with any major public policy initiative, the devil is in the details. So, what does HB 4 do and what can we expect to happen over the next few years? More from Texas Center for Policy Studies here.
American Farmland Trust’s I Love My Farmers Market Celebration
Many family farmers are struggling to stay financially afloat and face pressure from development that is destroying farmland. Farms closest to America’s cities—often the providers of the delicious local food found at farmers markets—are directly in the path of destruction. AFT’s I Love My Farmers Market Celebration is raising national awareness about local farmers markets and putting money directly in the pockets of family farmers. Check out the Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market every Thursday – a fantastic Hill Country example.
Protect bats and the aquifer
Like the bats of Bracken, the Edwards Aquifer is an elegant natural phenomenon that provides incomparable and irreplaceable services to the denizens of our region. The Edwards Aquifer is due all the protection that we can offer in policy and regulation. Read more from Annalisa Peace as published in the SA Express-News. Learn more about Bracken Cave and Bat Conservation from BCI, here.
Drinking Water Infrastructure: Who Pays and How (And for What?)
As Texans consider investments in water infrastructure, this resource from American Rivers is a must read. While consumers, advocates, and water utility leaders may recognize a need to invest in our critical water systems, the question is what sort of infrastructure we should build to meet the needs of present and future generations. The infrastructure of yore—mega projects to convey, store and treat water—is often too inflexible and too expensive to deliver reliable and cost-effective services in this era of extreme weather, climate change, and fiscal austerity. Read more from American Rivers.
More Hill Country Headlines

Through the river’s eyes
HCA is a proud sponsor of Yakona – “a film told through the eyes of the San Marcos River.  San Marcos film makers capture the beauty and serenity of the San Marcos River in this documentary film project.

Upcoming Events
July 31 in Boerne - Estate Planning in the Hill Country: What Every Landowner Needs to Know - Details
August 1 in San Antonio - AIA Presents 3rd Annual Sustainable Urban Development Luncheon - Details
August 17 in Austin - Workshop: How to Build a Rainwater Harvesting System from AgriLife - Details
August 20 in San Antonio - Sierra Club meeting, "The Inner Workings of the Edwards Aquifer" - Details

August 22-29 in San Marcos - 2013 Texas Groundwater Summit - Details
August 24 in San Antonio - Art for Water: Creative Conservation, an educational and family fun event in support of water conservation and local art - Details

September 27-29 in Fredericksburg - 13th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair - Details

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