Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jacob's Well Natural Area Habitat Restoration - October 18th

Jacob's Well Natural Area 

Habitat Restoration - October 18th


Thanks to 10 Restoration Rangers for another excellent effort - More progress toward grassland restoration in the north as shown in the photos:  Tom, Nancy, Susan, Irene, Bob Linda, Jean and Jean, and John, our newest member (hard to get a clear photo as he was moving faster than the rest of us). 


Next workday is 
Nov 1st  9 am at Camp Jacob.  
We need to revisit Mr. Johnson (grass) in the Riparian area, remove the bamboo grove near the new entrance, and weed the tree cages near there.   Please bring the appropriate tools and personal supplies.  See you then!


Questions about the near term plans for the recent grants/funding –> I understand there is a county planning meeting on Oct 25 to establish priorities.   We should have more feedback shortly after that meeting.

I encourage everyone to attend the upcoming MN Chapter meeting on Oct 24th at Freeman Ranch “Land Stewardship and Practices”.  
Here is a another really good discussion on land management and real life examples of how these practices affects our aquifers, creeks and springs:

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