Monday, February 9, 2015

HAYS PROPERTY OWNERS ALERT!- Town Hall Meeting on Electro Purification Water Mining- Tuesday Feb. 10th 6:30pm

for Hays Property Owners
CARD urges all citizens, property owners and business owners of Western Hays to speak up for their private property rights and speak out against a plan with a clear potential to harm all of us.
It's very important that property owners attend these upcoming meetings - just by attending you show our representatives the massive concern for this issue - and let your concerns be known.
Representative Jason Isaac Town Hall Meeting on Electro Purification Water Mining in Hays County, Tuesday, February 10 at 6:30pm, Wimberley Community Center  

Tuesday, February 10th - Hays County Commissioners Court Meeting, 9:00am (Hays County Courthouse, room 301) FILL OUT QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE HERE-

Wednesday, February 11th - Hays-Caldwell Public Utility Meeting, 3pm (Kyle Public Works Building, 520 E. RR 150)

Thursday, February 12th, - Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, 6pm (Manchaca Volunteer Fire Dept, 655 W FM 1626, Austin)

Wednesday, February, 18th - Goforth SUD, 7pm (8900 Niederwald Strasse, Kyle)

Thursday, February 26th - Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, 6pm (Church of Christ, 470 Old Hwy 290, Dripping Springs)
Check this website ( and SaveOurWells ( website to stay current with future meetings to attend, new articles, and other action steps you can take.

CALL TO ACTION for Hays Property Owners 
What’s the truth about the Electro Purification wells issue?
True: 5.3 million gallons a day of our Trinity Aquifer water is to be taken and sold elsewhere –doubling what is currently being withdrawn.
True: That huge amount of water would put many Western Hays County wells, streams and springs in danger.
True: Houston-based Electro Purification’s exploitation of a regulatory loophole to grab Western Hays water is legal.
NOT TRUE: There’s nothing we can do. Continued...
Our Water and the Threat to the Heart of Our Existence
by Patrick Cox, PhD 
Hundreds of residential wells in the Trinity Aquifer are threatened by Houston-based company Electro Purification (EP). This private company has secured contracts to provide water from the Hays Trinity aquifer for a minimum of 1.9 billion gallons a year to several public entities and developments - which equates to 5,830 acre feet of water. If one acre foot fills about 22 average size swimming pools, that's more than 128,000 swimming pools - almost unimaginable. Download the complete essay for actions we need to take...
Information about meetings to attend; elected representatives and other players to write or call. 
Website devoted to the unregulated pumping threat to Trinity Aquifer

(Power Point on geologic setting and projected water level decline here)
A Houston Company, Electro Purification (EP), has drilled unregulated commercial wells near FM 3237 and FM 150. The proposed pumping exceeds 5 million gallons per day - greater than the combined total of the Wimberley Water Supply, Aqua Texas, and Dripping Springs Water Supply. Continued...

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