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FREE- River Awareness Day events going on this Saturday, August 3rd in San Marcos

R.A.D. or River Awareness Day events going on 
this Saturday, August 3rd in San Marcos

On behalf of the San Marcos Habitat Conservation Plan and San Marcos River Foundation, You are cordially invited to be a part of the RAD-est free event this river has ever seen!

We encourage the entire community of San Marcos to come learn about, fall in love with, and celebrate our beautiful River. The artesian spring fed water of the San Marcos stays a constant 72 degrees, is home to eight endangered species and, flows crystal clear all year long- allowing us to remain one of the longest continually inhabited places in North America. With a river as uniquely RAD as this, how could we not celebrate?!

This is a festival for the community, by the community. We hope to see everyone, from all demographics come out to share in this event of gratitude and inspiration. River Awareness Day will highlight community vendors, local food, free educational workshops, storytelling, guided nature walks, river inspired arts and crafts, hands on aquatic science experiments, regenerative activities, performances from musicians, poets, a blessing of the San Marcos River, and more! With a festival that all San Martians can participate in, we hope to re-invigorate the love and pride the citizens of this city feel in themselves, their river, and their community.  

There will be a main Info booth by the stage, and another one on the Lions Tube Rental side of the river. Park at City Park, the Parks Dept building lot or the back side of the library lot/Activity Center lot, or wherever you can, and walk over, or ride your bike over. If you park across Hopkins, be very careful crossing that street, but there is lots of parking along CM Allen Parkway and by the Cottage Kitchen. 

Most daytime workshops and activities will be on the Tube Rental side of the river, but the stage with the mike will be the site for the story telling in the afternoon and the music that starts later in the day. 

 The tshirts are beautiful and volunteers are going to get one for working about three hours on the event itself. And NOTE:  this may be your last chance for a while to see a public screening of the longer excerpts of YAKONA, at about 9:20 p.m. at the stage. 

    The Yakona Team will then be too busy with film festivals to show it again right away, finishing up the film and entering multiple festivals around the U.S. (Please help us spread the word about this screening since so many lamented missing the screening we had on July 1st at the Price Center, even though that event was filled to capacity, even standing room was taken up!)   


About 7 a.m. a blessing of the river, while it is still quiet, before things get busy around there.

8-11 a.m. will be setup.  You can park next to the Rec Hall and little playground to unload your booth items on the back side of the building from the tube rental.  They have shady space for those who don't have tents and then more locations for those who do have shade tents.  There are many local businesses, nonprofits and food booths, and artists and craftspeople who will have booths. No assigned spaces, just first come, first served, check in at the Info Booth, and volunteers will show you the marked spaces to choose one.  There will also be many stations for the workshops or activities.

9 a.m. First nature walk.  I think these will go on during the day, check times on the schedule they hand out at the Info booth.  

9:30 or so will be the first yoga class, come and go, as you please .

Outdoor Play section will have many wonderful activities, with people to teach you how to hula hoop, juggle, do Poi which is a Maori type of activity, qi gong (Eastern form of meditation?), etc.  These will be all day at various times, so stop by to join in the fun and learn something new.

11 a.m. all the workshops will open  including art, science, permaculture, earth building (each listed below)

    Arts and crafts:  hands on for both kids and adults.  Try making origami cranes, working on a community canvas (painting your own additions to a river scene), make a wild rice headress (don't know the details but of course it involves long green streamers) and kids can work on a basic river template drawing, creating their own river scene, and all those posters will be taped together and stretched across the big newer iron bridge to span the river for a photo opp, and to walk by and observe. There will also be local artists set up and painting outdoors, paintings inspired by the river, so you might enjoy watching those folks work. 

     Science.  Walks led by the guys who have been restoring riverbanks along the river, Heritage Tree Care, as part of the HCP, to see all the spots where invasive plants were removed and natives planted.  Also "bug picking" with nets, checking out what you can net and see it under a microscope.  And an "all the water in the world" exercise with buckets of water and learning what kinds of water exist on earth and what portion of that is fresh water that you can drink, just for perspective.  

     Permaculture, general talks, and experts on aqua-ponics will be there to build a unit and then donate it to the Nature Center. 

     Earthbuilding, will be building tiny cobb structures as examples and teach about earth building. You can help.

    Tubing and standup paddling, a few people at a time will be able to take advantage of the Lions' donation of tubes and shuttles, with groups leaving at various times with a tour leader, starting at 11.  There will also be standup paddle boards demos and mini tours.

About 1 p.m.Storytelling with Dr. Jim Kimmel starts, then Dr. Mario Garza at 4 or so.  Others will be story telling too, so you'll have to see the schedule Saturday and watch the stage for those people to start.  They will announce the start of each storyteller on the tube rental side of the river, so you have time to walk over.   

     Open Mike for musicians who might want to play a couple of songs will be after the story telling, or in between if there are gaps in the schedule.

  About 5 p.m.All the wonderful musical acts booked for this event will be starting, so at about that time, the booths will pack up and leave to go watch the music and evening events on the stage.  
  Kabomba, Halleyanna, Carlos Cedillo, Atomlily are the musicians noted on the poster.  ArtTheism will be on about 9, with a light projection and dance performance, and at 9:20 or so will be the YAKONA film.  
What a fun day!    Don't forget to bring swimsuits, sunblock, hat,  chairs and or a blanket. With food booths there, you should be able to stay all day.


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