Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thank you! And save water. We extend our thanks to our Barton Springs Fest sponsors

Thank you! And save water.    

We extend our thanks to our Barton Springs Fest sponsors:

Silicon Labs, Kirk Mitchell Environmental Law Fund, Perry Lorenz, Save Barton Creek Association,  Raymond Goodrich & Family,
Barkley Houses, Constructive Ventures, Planet K,  
Whole Foods, Southwest Strategies Group, WholeEarth Provision Co., El Interior,  
Blue Sky Running, Austin Energy, Gilbert's Gazelles, Cypress Real Estate Advisors,  Sam & Maydelle Fason, Bicycle Sport Shop,  Austin Parks & Recreation Dept.,  Dick Kallerman, Tracey Whitley  
Please join us in supporting and thanking these businesses and individuals that support Barton Springs and sustainable development.  We also extend our thanks to all the speakers, conservation groups, musicians, divers, snorkelers, hikers, and swimmers who enjoyed the Fest with us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year on the second Saturday of August.

The event was a big success.  We will have the photos up soon.  We recorded the Barton Springs University presentations and will be posting them online in the weeks ahead.

Join Karen Kocher next Tuesday, August 20th for a screening of portions of
her new Barton Springs educational website.

Screening starts at 8:30pm Barton Springs-north entrance and then free full moon swim after.  Get a glimpse HERE. 

Meanwhile, the drought continues.  Please take care to minimize your water use.

Today the New York Times ran a great piece on the move to lose and shrink lawns in order to save water. Check it out HERE.

This is a great time to let the drought take unsustainable parts of your landscape in advance of planting native and drought-tolerant plants in the fall.
The SOS office will only be open sporadically over the next two weeks, as we take a break and enjoy the last of summer vacation.  We will be back and in touch soon.
 Help us save Barton Springs from pollution and over-pumping.
Please consider a summer donation or monthly pledge to SOS today.

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