Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stop the New Assault on Clean Water in Texas

 The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is proposing revisions to the state's water Texans need to act NOW to oppose these revisions.
quality standards for rivers, lakes, and streams.  Some of the revisions would weaken efforts to keep or make Texas water bodies clean enough for swimming, boating, wading, canoeing, kayaking, and other recreational activities.
The most troublesome revisions would:
  • Create a new category for "primary contact recreation 2" that would allow weaker clean water standards for streams put into that category;
  • Increase the levels of bacteria allowed in water bodies that could be cleaned up and used for recreation, creating permanently polluted streams and taking polluters off the hook to clean up their mess.
Texans beat back an attempt by TCEQ in 2010 to weaken standards controlling bacteria pollution in water bodies designated for primary contact recreation when thousands of comments in opposition to the proposal were sent to TCEQ. Now proponents of pollution are seeking to undermine that clean water victory with new bureaucratic tricks to allow more bacteria in our streams and deny Texans the opportunity to recreate safely in more streams.
Send a message NOW to TCEQ telling them to maintain – not weaken – water quality standards for bacterial pollution in Texas rivers and streams.
Thanks for all you do for the environment!
Ken Kramer

Ken Kramer, Water Resources Chair
Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter
P.S. Go here for more background on this issue and why TCEQ's actions are so important!
P.P.S. Tell your friends and family to take action, and get your social media circles involved:

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