Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Your 2013 Texas Environmental Scorecard

Scoring the Session: TLCV's 2013 Legislative Scorecard Released
GradesToday, the Texas League of Conservation Voters unveiled our 2013 Legislative Scorecard.
TLCV Executive Director David Weinberg called this year’s session “generally a success for the environment and conservation.  This success is measured by the passage of positive legislation dealing with clean energy development and water conservation; a state budget which provided significant increases in funding to state parks and clean air programs; and the failure of numerous bad bills designed to roll back environmental regulations and curtail citizen participation in environmental decision-making."  "Still, there were missed opportunities in the session and the state has a long way to go in promoting the use of solar, regulating the production of oil and gas, and improving waste prevention and recycling," added Weinberg. 
The TLCV Scorecard offers a comprehensive assessment of environmental legislation that cuts across a wide range of issues.  Bills scored in the 2013 scorecard represent a sample of positive and negative legislation on issues including water, global warming, environmental regulation, clean energy, clean air, good government, oil and gas regulation, and energy efficiency.
To read the full scorecard online and see how your state senator and representative fared, click here.
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