Thursday, January 16, 2014

CARDTalk: Tonight, City Council considers HEB's building application

  Tonight: City Council considers HEB's building application

CARD encourages all Wimberley area citizens to attend the public comment session of Wimberley City Council at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16, in the Wimberley Community Center.

As you probably know, HEB is asking Wimberley and City Council to allow the company to open a store in Wimberley near the intersection of RR 2325 and RR 12 (just north of Ace, and south of the library).

This would require City Council to allow several significant variances to the city's Comprehensive Plan - designed to protect the character and economy of the city - including allowing a store three times larger than The Plan allows, and set-backs much smaller than allowed.

HEB has made several changes from its original proposal to satisfy a number of other variances, including fewer and smaller signs, rainwater use for site irrigation and tree planting to exceed Plan requirements. HEB representatives will attend the meeting.

You can read more about HEB's discussion with CARD at "CARD and HEB seek common Ground."

You can download Wimberley's Comprehensive Plan here.

This issue has created emotional feelings among supporters and opponents of a Wimberley HEB store, with both sides having strongly held reasons for their views. It has the potential to create a disruptive influence in our community for a long time.

CARD encourages attendees to respect the comments of all who speak tonight, including our City Council members, who face an important and controversial decision.

Thank you,
CARD Steering Committee

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