Thursday, January 30, 2014

We made the ground shake in Austin!

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Thank you for speaking out against frackquakes
You took the time, officials took notice

         Full house at the Railroad Commission meeting in Austin
And I'm still shaking! Your dedication to helping others and protecting our communities, homes and children is truly inspiring.
More than 50 Texans from the Azle area took time off from work and school, woke up at 3am and sat on a bus for eight hours to tell our government officials we need immediate action to stop fracking related earthquakes.
Because of their heroic efforts, and support through our online petition, we are bringing about real change that will help real people.
The results so far:
And we sent Austin into a scurry. But further action is needed.
In my testimony at the Railroad Commission meeting I called for a moratorium on the injection wells that are causing the earthquakes until the science exists to stop the quakes.
I also asked that the companies responsible for the quakes be responsible for the damage. Right now we, the homeowners, have to pay for the damage fracking companies cause. That's not right.
Finally, I asked for information. We need live, realtime data about the quakes in our communities. And, after a whole bunch of phone calls, we got it! You can now get realtime earthquake data here. Scroll down to find information for Azle, Reno, Boyd and Briar.
Thank you you for your hard work, commitment and compassion.

Sharon Wilson, Texas Organizer

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