Friday, February 14, 2014


BIG NEWS:  This message just came yesterday from the team at Yakona announcing their world premiere at SXSW in Austin!  "Three years ago we started this incredible journey along the banks of the San Marcos River and now we are beyond excited to announce that Yakona will premiere at SXSW 2014! We would like to send out a special thank you to each and every one of you for your generous donations and for sharing us via word of mouth and social networking. We can’t put into words how honored we feel to have you all in our lives.

Now it is time to sit back and watch this river tell its story to the world. If you would like to join us at the SXSW Screenings, they are Saturday, 3/8 at 9:30pm at the Marchesa Theater AND Tuesday, 3/11 at 11am at the Paramount Theater. This is just the first stop in what we hope is an epic journey. Stay tuned for more awesome news."

(My understanding is that people with tickets for the whole week of SXSW events get first place in line, but others can usually see the films as well if they go and buy tickets for that particular film a little before the film starts that day.  We'll know more later about how to do that.)  Of course, there will be showings in San Marcos, too, later.  This is just the first showing of the film in Austin, and a pretty big deal for Yakona to be in the Paramount with so many film industry people there to see it!  Congrats to all the Yakona team (they have worked SO hard) and to all you generous donors!
REMEMBER SATURDAY:  SMRF's party/annual members meeting/silent auction is this Saturday night, Feb. 15.  Happy half hour at 5:30, dinner at 6, and our annual meeting starts at 7:15.  We hope the meeting will run about 45 minutes, if it goes according to our plans.  Then back to the party and the silent auction.  Those who cannot be at the event, can still bid by phone or email.  See most of the auction items at . We've already received some bids from people who are out of town, so give it a try.  You can also send this link to friends and family if you see something special they might need, like a hand-made beautiful wooden boat, or a rain barrel from Texas Metal Tanks, a facility rental at Three Dudes Winery at their lovely outdoor river deck, or even a tour of endangered creatures in the aquifer.  Also jewelry, artwork, ceramics, art classes, massages, books, or one of the veritable cascade of gift certificates from local businesses who care about the river.  You can even buy a gift certificate for yourself at a place you already frequent, so both you and SMRF win, thanks to the generosity of those businesses. Bring your checkbook! 
MORE AUCTION ITEMS are pouring in.  These below are additional, not on the list on our website. 
Two separate trips, for two people each trip, down the beautiful San Marcos River, donated by TG Canoes and Kayaks.  Watercraft, paddles, life preservers, rope, slide presentation of the route, and shuttle to and from the river are included.  TGCK rules and regulations must be adhered to.  $60 value for each of the two trips. Get two friends to bid on the other trip, if you do one with your friend or spouse, and you could all go together,  Or just buy one trip for the two of you, if you want a quieter day on the river.
A nice paddle that you will enjoy using, on the river, Werner Laguna, 230 cm, 2 piece, double blade paddle ($110 value). Donated by TG Canoe and Kayak also. 
Glass bottom boat ride for 4 donated by Aquarena, that is always a treat!
A large decorative mirror, and a painting of sailboats donated by the Locketts, see them Saturday.
 $35 in gift certificates from Smoothie Warriors (formerly Smoothie Factory next to Gil's Broiler)
2 $25 gift cards from Fuego Coffee on I-35.  (they serve only Redbud Roaster coffee, locally roasted.  And remember Red bud has also donated 5 lbs of coffee to our auction!
$25 gift certif from Brewster's Pizza
2 dragonfly photos and 2 butterfly photos, framed and photographed by Scott Mitchell
A painting of the river by Sasha Knight, also framed. 
Jewelry:  Necklace by Anji - $25 (min bid $15)
Vintage locket on sterling silver chain with quartz crystal by Carolina Blue - $48 (min bid $30)
Silver-dipped Quartz crystal earrings (14k gold) by Carolina Blue - $32 (min bid $30)
Sunset Bowling gift certificates
Euro Cafe gift certificates
Root Cellar gift certificates
CONCERT AT COOL RIVER:  Just heard yesterday that there is a hearing at Guadalupe County Commissioner's Court Feb. 18th 9 a.m. re an outdoor music festival planned for March.22 and 23, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day.  The two day festival is a fundraiser for volunteer fire departments in the area.  Glad to see it is not lasting late at night.  It is a 1st Annual Crawfish Festival according to the notice.  Here is a link with a little more info:
FRIDAY AGENDA PACKET MEETING.  Noon at city hall to review agenda packet for next week's Council meeting.  
REMEMBER FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SMRF members will be at Price Center, 222 W. San Antonio St. getting the building and the food ready for the annual meeting/party/auction Saturday night.  Drop by and we'll put you to work.

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