Tuesday, March 18, 2014


We are thrilled to announce our participation in  I Live Here I Give Here Amplify Austin. Amplify Austin is a 24-hour giving day from 6pm Thursday, March 20, to 6pm Friday, March 21, 2014, to Central Texas nonprofits.

Mark your calendars! On March 20, 2014 at 6:00pm you can donate to help us fulfill our mission and be apart of a community wide day of giving!

You can continue that support through giving on March 20, 2014  Amplify Austin Day,a program of I Live Here I Give Here. Boost our community and give back!
In 2013, the first year, 320 nonprofits participated in Amplify Austin they are expecting over 400 to participate in 2014. Amplify Austin raises much-needed funds for nonprofits of all sizes, in all areas of service.

Their first year results were spectacular, their goal was $1 million and they raised $2.8 million! The 2014, goal is $4 million.  

WVWA's Mission : To advocate for clean, clear flowing springs and streams and the sustained the health of the Wimberley Valley and to engage the community in land and water stewardship through research and education at the Jacob's Well Natural Area.

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A generous donor has agreed to match your donation to WVWA!  For all funds raised through Amplify Austin Day, your contribution will be matched to double the impact of your investment in the crystal clear spring water flowing from Jacob's Well all the way to Barton Springs! 

Water Enough? Documentary Film co-sponsored by Austin Film Society

WVWA is working with Austin Film Society and filmmakers Robert Currie and Salwa Khan to produce a documentary film to educate the public about Texas water issues. Water Enough? is a documentary about Texans impacted by drought, told in their own words, and about those who are working to help alleviate the possible devastating consequences of a prolonged drought through innovation, planning, and political action.
The film will explore ways in which the widening gap between supply and demand can and must be met. It will provide answers in the stories of individuals and communities that are tackling difficult water issues every day. Rather than simply detailing the crisis that exists, we intend to show that Texans can find different ways to live with less water. Creative new way of thinking about water use may be what leads to long-term solutions to the growing populations' demands.
Jacob's Well Community Garden Project
WVWA, with the help of local volunteers, has established a community garden on property adjacent to the Jacob's Well Natural Area. The community garden currently has sixteen garden plots being utilized by the local residents and students. Improvements to the property include new fencing, raised beds, rainwater catchment and a composting system. Expanded programs requiring additional funding include community education and outreach programs on the site and a capital improvement project for expanded rainwater harvesting capacity, a greenhouse, food forest and a native plant demonstration garden.
The WVWA is creating a demonstration site for sustainable design including rainwater harvesting for residences and businesses in the Hill Country. We are expanding our programs at The Retreat to provide an opportunity to immerse in the natural environment for educational and experiential workshops for youth and adults, corporate team building, and environmental awareness events. Additional capital funding is needed for completing rainwater harvesting systems, renovation of the event center and community meeting space, expanded water treatment and reuse systems for on-site bathroom facilities, permaculture demonstration gardens and additional low impact tent structures.

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