Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jacobs Well Community Garden opens its 2014 Spring/Summer gardening season

The spring/summer season at Jacobs Well Community Garden officially began March 1.   In addition to most of our former gardeners, we have welcomed some newcomers to the garden and still have several beds available for others who want to garden with us this season.
An organic garden, JWCG welcomes both the experienced and the novice gardener.  There is always something new to learn in gardening organically.  The garden has a small lending library that is helpful to gardeners throughout the seasons.  Whether it's choosing the right plants or battling the pests that inevitably appear, our library as well as our "seasoned" gardeners are a great resource.
At the start of only our third year of gardening, the JWCG is still growing.  Our mission is to build, grow, and sustain the Wimberley Valley's first community organic garden with rainwater collection system.   

Gardening at JWCG is open to anyone in the Wimberley Valley who pays a one-time membership fee of $25 plus a $30 rental fee per garden bed reserved.  Concrete block raised garden beds are approximately 4 feet wide and 14 feet long.  Soil and tap water are provided.  Currently we have one rainwater collection tank on-site, and have plans to vastly increase rain collection as a major source of water for the garden.  Our rainwater collection plans will be realized as more member-gardeners and funds increase.
Whether your interest is in hands-on gardening, supporting good locally-grown food, or volunteering for garden projects, the Jacobs Well Community (Organic) Garden has a place for you.  
For more information or to reserve a garden bed, call garden coordinators Karen @ 512-568-4462 or Tom @ 512-940-6828

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