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BSEACD Bulletin: Stage II Alarm Drought, Strategic Walk and Talk, Current Conditions

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August 21, 2014
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Return to Stage II Alarm Drought
Strategic Walk and Talk
Current Aquifer Conditions
The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District is committed to conserving, protecting, recharging, and preventing waste of groundwater and to preserving all aquifers within the District.

The District was created in 1987 by the Texas Legislature as the responsible public authority and the preferred entity for managing groundwater
in District aquifers.

Barton Springs/ Edwards Aquifer  Conservation District


Aquifer District Returns to Stage II Alarm Drought

Aquifer District Returns to Stage II Alarm Drought. The District’s Board of Directors declared Stage II Alarm Drought at the August 14th Board Meeting, effective immediately. Lovelady monitor well, one of the District’s two drought-trigger sites, crossed below its Stage II Alarm Drought water level of 478.4 feet above mean sea level in mid-July.

All permittees must achieve at least a 20% reduction in monthly pumpage. Permittees with conditional permits have to reduce use even further. End-user customers served by water utilities on groundwater wells are required to comply with their utility’s water use restrictions for this drought stage. Generally, restricting outdoor water use, including limiting landscape irrigation, pool filling & refilling, and non-essential water use such as water fountains, is sufficient to reach monthly pumpage targets for Stage II Alarm Drought.

Press Release available here:

Strategic Walk and Talk

Each year the Aquifer District devotes resources for a Strategic Walk and Talk campaign.  This team of folks can mobilize to either provide rapid response well owner notices in the event of a spill or education to increase awareness of District programs.  This year there were no spills that affected water quality for our groundwater users, so the team will be carrying information about the recent Stage II Alarm Drought declaration and about District programs such as well owner resources, scholarship programs, and Friends of the Aquifers notices.

Keep your eyes out for our Strategic Walk and Talk team.  They could be in your neighborhood during the next two weeks.  

Current Aquifer Conditions
August 14, 2014Stage II Alarm Drought

Click on the image on the right to access the current drought chart or

Drought Indicators
Current Conditions
Stage II
Stage III
Stage IV
Barton Springs Discharge
(10-day avg.)
Lovelady Indicator Well
(feet above mean sea level)
ft msl
ft msl
ft msl
ft msl
Data from 8/14/2014


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