Friday, August 8, 2014


The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) has purchased 8.08 acres in Woodcreek known as the “The Bluffs on Cypress Creek”, which was slated to be developed into 46 condominiums.  The property sits adjacent to Cypress Creek on the south side of the Ranch Rd. 12 bridge.

The WVWA purchased the development rights and the land fee simple from the owners for $1.3 million through a contribution from a local donor. The WVWA was assisted in negotiations by Jeff Francell of the Texas Nature Conservancy and intends this purchase to become the first program related investment for the WVWA.

The WVWA after purchasing the property, spoke with Mayor Mike Steinert of Woodcreek, Mayor Steve Thurber of  Wimberley and Hays County Commissioner Will Conley to ask for their ideas and interest in participating in planning for possible future uses of the property.

WVWA Board President Malcom Harris said, “ This acquisition averts what could have been a significant water quality impact on Cypress Creek and stops a high density development from going into a very sensitive area next to the creek.  We look forward to working with the community leaders and local stakeholders to utilize this property as an example of conservation design for the Wimberley Valley.”

The Bluffs project was approved under a development agreement with City of Woodcreek in May of 2011. Executive Director, David Baker and WVWA expressed concerns to the City Council about the water quality and quantity impacts on Cypress Creek and the Trinity Aquifer at that time. The project could have been developed in an even denser development without the development agreement.

Mr. Baker approached the Bluffs project manager Robert Peerman earlier this year when he noticed signs going up and a road being built into the property and inquired as to the status of the project. The property was under contract to an Austin developer and the plan for the 46 condominiums was moving forward.  In May the developer backed out and Mr. Peerman contacted the WVWA and agreed to sell  the property to the Association. The Association secured financing and closed the sale on July 25th.

“This is a major victory for Cypress Creek and the Wimberley Valley”  Said Baker, We look forward to continuing to work with our local partners to create a vision for this beautiful property.”

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