Thursday, May 14, 2015

Update: Proposed ILA & ETJ Maps

As many of you know there have been informal discussions going on regarding the water source of the Anthem Development, Electro Purification.  A PROPOSED solution is to have the City of Kyle take the area into their City Limits to provide Anthem water and waste water from the City of Kyle.  This is one of the options discussed and has been formally proposed now by the City of Kyle.  The Hays County Commissioner's Court has accepted it as is and so has the Kyle City Council.  The Kyle City Council also voted to give their City Manager, Scott Sellers negotiation and execution power.  I suspect if there are any changes made to it then the Commissioner's Court would have to agree on it again.

The DRAFT proposal is on the Mountain City Agenda for Monday night @ 7pm.  You will find the proposed agreement and respective ETJ maps including the current ETJ, proposed ETJ and the proposed ETJ southern area on the Mountain City website.  You can also find our agenda on the website as well.  I am proposing that the City grant me authority to distribute an electronic survey to residents to get a good feeling of where everyone stands and what is important.  As always, there will be a public comment portion to our agenda at the beginning of the meeting and we invite you to participate in that if you wish.  We will discuss the agreement briefly in open meeting and if any action is taken it will be in the open meeting.  However, there will be portions that will discuss in Executive session as it is a contract that is in negotiation and our attorney will be present.

Please review the ILA and forward any comments to if you are unable to attend the meeting.  Documents may be found at > documents > Anthem Development. 

Thank you,
Tiffany Curnutt

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